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Fifty one years of Transit vans all on one site

The Transit club was started in the year 2005 after other enthusiasts had tried over the years, and failed, to run a successful group of Transit drivers to form a club. Having joined both these groups and was disappointed when they folded,after speaking to some friends at Ford, I decided to start a club myself that would last longer than a few years and that this club would not only be dedicated to saving rare Transits and promoting new Transits but also their history and would include Transits from the whole Transit family produced over the years. This year will be our 10th Anniversary.

I have had some experience in running van clubs over the years being the president of the National Street Van Association for over 20 years along with various job positions on the committee. My interest in the Transit started in the late 1960's when I was building them at Fords Langley plant and from there it grew until today where I own an archive of around 10,000 items of paperwork and over 15,000 models and other items .

 So welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy the amazing history of these outstanding vans. A history that is fascinating and can be told in pictures or words as you are about to see.  

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Did you see us on the one show ?.


This year Charity check went to BEN for there help with caring for the families in the UK Auto industry.


Saving Transits is a full time job.

We are always looking for interesting parts and stories, brochures, pictures or information from around the world.

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The all-new Transit family. Spain 2014


NSVA inside show N.E.C Birmingah,

                                                                Club Stand NEC march 




Proud to be associated with the NSVA.

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